Thassos Island

Thassos is an island of rare beauty that blends lush landscapes such as Mount Ipsarion (1203 m), a protected forest area of great ecological significance, with picturesque and tranquil beaches and traditional villages.

The island of Thassos offers a picture that relaxes its visitors and allows them to calm down, keeping away all kinds of disturbances.

Thassos is famous for the blue sea that surrounds it and its emerald shores.  The vegetation is rich with a wide variety of olive, pine trees, firs and other domestic and wild trees almost touching the sea with their branches.  The scenery is absolutely Greek and picturesque.

The springs of clean and cool waters, the small streams and the forests trade places with the beautiful beache, making Thassos a special blend of coastal and mountainous picture.

Thassos Island kept the traditional Macedonian architecture as most of houses and churches on Thassos are built of rough limestone and wooden roofs. Wood has replaced the iron in the construction of houses which have a special appearance with the characteristic wooden balconies and its arched wooden doors on the entrances.

In Thassos you will find beautiful and traditional villages such as Theologos and Kazaviti where the houses are surrounded by stoned fences and flower gardens and several other villages with their own special style.

The easy and quick access with frequent ferry routes, makes Thassos superb for summer vacations covering all kinds of vacation preferences and styles.

The visitors repeatedly visit and explore every place of Thassos with traditional but easy way, using boats and every kind of transportation, through unforgettable paths and routes.

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