Elaiones - Scala Rachoniou

  • The settlement was built next to Skala Rachoni, between two ports (Skala Prinos and Skala Limenas), which connect the island by ferry boat to Nea Peramos, Kavala and Keramoti. Access from the main road is very easy, but noise is something you will forget completely, once you get to your new home and start enjoying nature. For fans of the sea, the marina at Skala Rachoni is ideal for anchoring and sailing in of small and large ships.
  • All the houses of the settlement are built on the waterfront, providing panoramic views from the balconies and windows, making it a challenge to enjoy the enchanting sunset, and the deep blue of the Gulf of Kavala, bathing in the sun's rays.
  • The settlement consists of villas about 120 square meters with modern quality construction, offering the opportunity for a year long stay. Garden, fireplace, tiled roof, full thermo-acoustic insulation including door and window frames, installation for central heating, quality materials and meticulous work is the standard construction features of the houses. The decor combines modernity with the traditional tone following the island’s style.